Java training in Detroit for inner city students
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Job market in the US is changing much faster than in most countries. Simpler jobs disappear while new and exciting opportunities appear on the horizon. Current school curriculum is far behind industry demands and the distance is growing.

Information Technology is looking for Big Data, Semantic Technology and Artificial Intelligence skills, but colleges still teach SQL and C++ programming in colleges and universities. Investments in acceleration of technology are much greater than educational investments. Plus, it takes tremendous efforts to formalize new knowledge into "educational" materials.

It is much easier to lose an existing job than to jump on a new fast moving wagon. The jumpers, who can catch up with the changes, are our educational elite.
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Training inner city students in Detroit was a challenging and exciting work that confirmed:
it is feasible during several months (not several years!) to develop a set of skills that opens the door to a profession.
We started with the group of 30 women with little or no technical background. Today most of them are IT consultants.
Java training in Detroit: Project Teams

Joe Biden is visiting our Java training class in Detroit

On the right, Raven Childress is playing and singing for her Java classmates ->
Farzana Laquana Marx
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- Knowledge-Driven Architecture | US Patent | Yefim Zhuk | Driving applications with business scenarios

- Adaptive Mobile Robot System | US Patent | Yefim Zhuk | Integrating software and knowledge engineering with robotic technologies

- Collaborative security and decision making | US and 15 European countries, Patent| Yefim Zhuk/Boeing | Turning a beautiful idea of collaborative decision into a system

- Rules Collector System and Method | US Patent | Yefim Zhuk/Boeing | Formalizing expert knowledge into rules, which can be used for solving the next problem in the expert-computer brainstorming

- Distributed Active Knowledge and Process | US Patent | Jeff (Yefim) Zhuk/Yahoo | Collaborative access and negotiation for data and services

- Development Factory | Patent Pending | Yefim Zhuk

Internet Technology University (ITU) focuses on Accelerating Sharing Knowledge with Conversational Semantic Decision Support (AskCSDS AI) systems.
ITU uses AI components to engage students in group discussions and teaching.
To help teachers and subject matter experts share knowledge in a highly structured and productive manner.
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