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For a long time, Artificial Intelligence has lived on the bottom of a lake of opportunities. Recent years turned the lake into an ocean and the under water current brought AI back to the surface. Nothing else is growing so quickly with the demand for new skills and talents. Hundreds of startups are raising billions of dollars to employ AI in every area of business and consumer life. ITU actively participates and contributes to the growing AI industry with patents, publications, corporate training and consulting. In the we describe the way to improve efficiency of education. We offer individual guidance to each student to begin and advance a career of an AI developer. Read More...

Start learning AI and become an AI Consultant at ITU.
Internet is your campus, a computer is your office, and an expert-developer is your guide.
Experience learning AI with AI-assistants providing each student a personal trainer.
ITU Programs

A. Web Applications with Java & Python

The program starts with the fundamentals of Software and Knowledge Engineering,

B. (Requires: A) Big Data

Learn "Big Data" concepts and development tools.

D. Artificial Intelligence & Knowledge Engineering

Add "Intelligence" components, including Conversational Semantic Decision Support(CSDS) systems.

E. Microservices and Semantic Integration

Learn Enterprise Services with their concepts and practices, latest trends and technologies.

ITU Programs
Farzana Laquana Marx

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Internet Technology University (ITU) focuses on Accelerating Sharing Knowledge with Conversational Semantic Decision Support (AskCSDS AI) systems.
ITU uses AI components to engage students in group discussions and teaching.
To help teachers and subject matter experts share knowledge in a highly structured and productive manner.
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